About Me

Hello :)

I’m Caroline and I’m a wedding photographer. I'm based in Bristol where I live with my wonderful husband Martin in our little Victorian terrace.


Wedding photography is something I kind of fell into back in 2006. I had previously done a photography degree down at the internationally renowned Falmouth College of Arts after completing an Art Foundation at Gloucestershire University (where I wanted to become a fine artist) but had never considered becoming a wedding photographer until I photographed one as a favour, and I loved it! I love portraiture and documenting things so it turned out to be the perfect thing for me. I’ve always enjoyed photographing people and I revel in people enjoying the process and seeing the images of themselves.


When not photographing I also enjoy drawing and painting and I particularly love quirky illustration. I love music, almost any music if it’s live, at home though I love listening to rock music, anything guitar based and I’m often working along to folk rock. My other favourite things include trees (all trees, I love to be out in nature and got married in the trees), the number 13 (I was born on the 13th, it must be lucky :) ), binge watching tv series (ranging from top quality to laughably bad drama) chocolate, pickled onion space raiders, lego and positive people. I’m a very laid back person who can and will find humour in most things :)


With me as your wedding photographer you get someone who is there, on your side, to capture your day for you but through my eyes. You won’t need to worry about what I’m doing, or if I’m ‘getting that’ as I’ll just be there, quietly in the background, photographing what I see. Many of my clients comment that they feel like they’ve just got a friend along with them for the day, they see me as a reassuring, calm presence who they can lean on if they need to. Someone who is cheering them on inside yet there busily taking awesome photographs to remind them of how they feel, in that moment, for the rest of their lives.

Please have a look through my site to get a feel for me and what I do, if you like what you see then please get in contact!

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