There are two routes to the price list, there is WAY more information in the brochure so if you like the sound of either of the below I'd love to hear from you :)

The Menu

Every item is listed individually so you can pick out just want you want and create your own package. Items such as the coverage (which pays for me to take the photos and edit them) and the fully edited digital files (which you will need to print from and share) are listed individually so that, if you wish, you can spread the cost by choosing to pay for just the coverage before the wedding and then anything else you would like after. Equally albums are separate – you can buy one at a later date if you choose, or to not have one at all.

These start at £1650


Each package comes with an album, the fully edited digital files and an online password protected gallery. There is one package for each coverage level, (6, 8, 10 and 12 hour options) the only other differing factor is the size of the album which is bigger as the coverage goes up.

These start at £2150

Rhiannon and Will

The quality of her photos really stood out from all the others we saw. We decided that Caroline would be our luxury item! AND well worth it!! I'm OBSESSED with them!!

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