"Focus. Soften. Sharpen. The image captors, the truth takers. And what is love but a series of Polaroid patterns on our hearts reminding us what it beats for. The right person in the right place at the right time. And now is the time and here is the place; this is the image the soul takes"

     Jess Collins (a snippet taken from a reading especially written by my close friend for my own wedding)

About Me

Hello :)

I’m Caroline and I’m a wedding photographer based in Bristol.

With me as your wedding photographer you get someone who is there, on your side, to capture your day for you but through my eyes. You won’t need to worry about what I’m doing, or if I’m ‘getting that’ as I’ll just be there, quietly in the background, photographing what I see. Many of my clients comment that they feel like they’ve just got a friend along with them for the day, they see me as a reassuring, calm presence who they can lean on if they need to. Someone who is cheering them on inside yet there busily taking awesome photographs to remind them of how they feel, in that moment, for the rest of their lives.

Please take a look around my site to learn about my approach and to see more of my work. 


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