My Favourites from 2015

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Yay it’s almost Christmas!! and time for me to sign-off to celebrate with family. I wanted to leave you this year with my favourite wedding moments from the whole of 2015.

It’s been such an amazing year, I’ve met so many wonderful people and enjoyed photographing every moment of it. Thank you to all of my lovely couples for asking me to be the one to capture your day for you, I still always feel very privileged to do so. This is a collection of not just the best photographs I feel I’ve taken this year but also my favourite moments, the times I’ve giggled with you or felt so honoured to witness the love between you, and your families. I hope you enjoy!

On a personal note it’s also been an amazing year. Two pretty big life events, in May this year Martin and I bought our first house together. A little Victorian terrace in Bristol and we absolutely LOVE it! Moving to Bristol 3 and a half ish years ago was the best thing I ever did. Second life event, Martin and I got engaged while on holiday in Gozo, yippeeeeee. He chose to propose along the coast from the Azure Window, a very peaceful place with the most spectacular view. He said the most amazing things which I ruined a bit by giggling away but he sealed the deal with the most perfect ring I could have ever wished for. We’re now planning our own wedding for 2016 so I will finally know what all of you lovely couples I have photographed have gone through.

For all my 2016 couples already booked in, I can’t wait to celebrate with you and photograph your special days. I’ll be going through it all with you too :)

Merry Christmas everyone! And have a very happy new year!


The Best Bristol Wedding Photographer 2015 highlights.