My favourites of 2017

2018 is flying by already. At Caroline HQ we have a super cute new puppy, a Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel who goes by the name of Yosemite, although we mostly call her Yosey (and Little Pig, Yose, Piggle Wiggle etc :D ) She is named after the place, where Martin and I spent some of our amazing Californian honeymoon at the end of 2017. Yosey has taken over life a little here so it’s only now that I’ve got together by favourite wedding photos of 2017.

2017 was a year in weddings that I have particularly enjoyed. Having the privilege to be present for so many wedding days is always special but every now and then it really hits you just how lucky you really are and it was a year full of that! Thank you to all my fantastic 2017 couples who asked me to be the one to do this very important job for them. Looking through all their smiling faces again to choose my favourites has made me feel super pumped for the weddings I have coming in 2018! Let’s do this!!

There’s going to be some changes to blogging this year, but do keep checking back in for more. Coming soon I plan to share some of the photos I took on our honeymoon as it was all so magical I want to share :) For now though, hit full screen and make sure your volume is on and take a look at some of last year:

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