Coombe Lodge Wedding Photos – Blagdon, Bristol Wedding Photographer – Lucy and Terry


I’m excited to be blogging the wedding of Lucy and Terry who got married recently at Coombe Lodge which is in Blagdon just outside Bristol. It was a wedding of extremes, we thought we were going to be unlucky with heavy rain, which we did get, but we also got the most amazing pockets of sunshine which gave us an amazing sunset as you can see! I say unlucky with the rain as that’s how it’s normally seen but as I said to Lucy and Terry, with weather like that you get amazing skies, it was pretty lucky for them.

I started my day with Lucy, family and friends at a little bed and breakfast down the road, but the majority of the day happened at Coombe Lodge, once there we did not need to leave. The ceremony was particularly lovely, the registrars made such an effort to make it special for them. The rest of the day followed suit and it was a day filled with energy and laughter. Lucy and Terry, and in fact everyone, were absolute stars, dashing in and out in the gaps in the rain to get the photos and it was well worth it :) Massive thanks for all the helpers on the day that made it run so smoothly, it makes all the difference. Here are my favourites:


Coombe Lodge Wedding Photos