Daisy and Andy – The Bear of Rodborough Wedding Photos

Last month on a Sunny yet windy day (which seems to be the theme of the year so far) Daisy and Andy got married at their little church in Badgeworth (near Cheltenham) before going on to their reception at The Bear of Rodborough.

I started my day with Daisy getting ready at her and Andy’s Victorian terrace in Cheltenham, I often think it must be lovely getting ready at your home around all your home comforts with your family and friends. Lots and lots of laughter was had before Daisy made her way to the Church in a cool black and yellow VW beetle.

After a lovely relaxed ceremony we were outside while some of their friends and Daisy’s parents rang the church bells which was pretty cool. Daisy, Andy and I then met up at Rodborough Common which over looks Stroud to take a few photos with the views and the blue sky before meeting their family and friends at The Bear of Rodborough (notice the real bear!) After the meal there were a few speeches which ended with Andy doing his which involved him singing to his new bride, a first for me, it was awesome! Straight after Daisy and Andy fancied a few minutes away so we went into the surprisingly attractive car park to take a few photos in the evening sun, something I’m very glad we did as the light was gorgeous. It was then already time for them to start their dancing and begin partying. Here are some of my favourites from their day:


The Bear of Rodborough Wedding Photos