Eloping in the UK

Considering eloping in the UK? Yes! Let’s do it! I’ve photographed weddings for 14+ years and it’s always a privilege but I’m also super passionate about helping couples that choose to elope do something unique and for themselves.

Imagine yourself on a hilltop, in a forest, on a beach, your happy place! Imagine spending the whole day, just you two, living an amazing adventure doing just what makes you happy. This could be a reality!

Eloping is an intentional and magical start to your married life together. An entire day can be crafted for just you, away from the crowds, away from the obligations, away from being the centre of attention. Centre your attention on yourselves, choose yourselves and your commitment and celebrate it in style!

Things I can help you with

I will of course photograph your day, but there are

many other things that I can help with, these include:


Where to get married

Ceremony ideas

Ideas on how to spend the day

What to wear

How to make family still feel included

Some ideas for what to do on your elopement day (there's plenty more)

Hike up a mountain

Bring your dog

Have a picnic

Have a friend marry you

Boat on a lake

Sports (surf/mountain biking)

Hire a personal chef


Make s'mores on a campfire

Hire an extravagant airbnb (treehouse, beach house etc)

Champagne in the hot tub after a long hike

Fish and chips from the wrappings watching the sunset

Intrigued and want to know more? I'd love to hear from you!