Folly Farm and Victoria Methodist Church Bristol Wedding Photographs – Louise and Edmund

On a gorgeous sun filled day recently I photographed the wedding of Louise and Edmund. They got married at Victoria Methodist Church in Bristol and then had their reception over at Folly Farm just south of Bristol. I started my day at Victoria Methodist Church where Edd was preparing for Louise’s arrival. It was so great to finally see the inside of this Church as it is right by where I live and so I’ve walked past it many many times without knowing, it was such a great place to photograph! Lovely and bright with nice features and open enough for me to get a great view of Louise and Edd during the service. The service itself was held by someone Louise knows well which made it really special and it was very entertaining.

Straight after the ceremony Edd’s brother drove the three of us over to Clifton Suspension Bridge so we could take some of their couple photos there. It was great having Edd’s brother there as it meant we could leap out of the car without parking, cover a surprising number of places both sides of the bridge and get back in record time. The place was absolutely heaving with people as it was such a nice day so we left them to it and went on to Folly Farm where their guests were waiting for them as was a hog roast. The rest of they day was super laid back with people eating, drinking and playing games in the sun. The speeches were held outside too overlooking the amazing views before they made their way inside for a Ceilidh. Then with just a few more shots in the last of the evening light I left them too it, here is their day:

Folly Farm Wedding Photographs and Victoria Methodist Church Bristol Wedding Photographs