Joey and Matt – Home Barn Wedding in Oxfordshire

If I had to describe the wedding of Joey and Matt in one word, I would use energy! I photographed their wedding recently at Joey’s home village Church and family Barn in Oxfordshire and while Matt, being the laid back one of the two, Joey was practically vibrating with excitement and happiness all day, they’re both so very lovely to be around.

I started my day with Matt and his best man and ushers getting ready in the nearby village. The boys all trying their best to get Matt ready in between his phone calls :) And then I headed onto Joey’s parents home where she was getting ready with the help of her two bridesmaids. They were all taken up to Church in two trips in Joey’s Dad’s vintage car, and I got to ride in it too, yippee!! It was then finally time for them to get married, unfortunately I was not allowed to take a single photo from the first hymn as soon as they arrived until after the register I was told. I was a little naughty though and managed to sneak a quick one without being noticed when they were pronounced man and wife :D I was allowed to photograph the exit though and at this church they drop rose petals on you from the bell tower as you leave which was cool.

After the ceremony and a few family photos Joey, Matt and I went off for another ride in the car while everyone left and made their way to the barn so that all the guests were there first. We then stopped back at the church for a few minutes so that Joey could leave hers and her bridesmaids flowers on the graves of her grandparents, it was a very special moment to witness and document. I then went to the beautifully decorated barn to wait for them both to walk up the lane as their guests entered the barn for their meal, which was my chance to get a few shots of them alone together. Straight after the meal it was time for the speeches, all very well received. And then before long it was time to get dancing! The band were fantastic but we slipped out for one last photo of the two of them by their little chickens. Here are some of my favourites:

Barn Wedding in Oxfordshire