Anita and Le’Arne’s engagement shoot – Warminster – Bristol Wedding Photographer

I’ve been wanting to and looking forward to blogging this shoot since I did it. Neat (Anita) is an old friend of mine, we went to secondary school together, then to Cirencester College and even worked at the same place on our Saturdays throughout this. So I was super excited to meet her fiancé Le’Arne who I had not yet met as they both live out in New Zealand which is where they met and where Lee is from. Thankfully, I think she’s awesome! And her and Neat are so well suited, I’m so excited for them! I’ve loved hearing about the wedding they hope to have on a beach in New Zealand and if all goes to plan we are all hoping that I will go out to photograph it (please please please please please :) ) Cue added excitement and the photos!

And an out take that makes me laugh so much. Neat’s sister Tess took us out to this little place where she lives and so was there for some of the shoot, this was Neat pushing her out the way so she wasn’t part of the shoot. The hand in the face makes me laugh every time!