Dumbleton Hall Wedding Photographs – Carina and Nick

Carina and Nick got married recently on a reeeeeally hot day at Dumbleton. I started my day with Carina and her girls getting ready at Dumbleton Hall, it was such a lovely calm atmosphere, especially as Carina was doing her own make up so it was just us all sat around chatting, no stress here :) I then left them to go to Dumbleton Church which is just at the end of the very long Drive to Dumbleton Hall where all the guys were waiting and had to be melting in their suits! After the ceremony they went off for a fast (!) drive in a Lagonda while everyone made their way to greet them from Dumbleton Hall.
The evening was the highlight for me, everyone was in good spirits and I had fun shooting a few more shots in the low light with the car before they kicked off their dancing for the evening. They had Neil Ollerton, The Cheltenham Wedding DJ with them for the evening (my recommended DJ) and everyone was up on the dance floor immediately and pulling some awesome moves! On with the photos….