Aynhoe Park Wedding Photographs – Katie and James – Bristol Wedding Photography

I’m not sure where to start with Katie and James wedding at Aynhoe Park. This place is amazing! It’s a stunning building, quirky insane decor and gorgeous views. I started my day with Katie upstairs getting ready while James and family relaxed outside where the chuppah was being constructed. I nipped down midway through the getting ready and got some photos of James and his best friend :) who I, like everyone else, fell in love with also. Then back upstairs where all of Katie’s beautiful bridesmaids arrived in time for Katie to get into her dress.

The whole day took place at Aynhoe Park, guests were greeted by a polar bear while we made our way downstairs and outside for their outdoors ceremony. This was the first Jewish wedding that I have photographed and so it was pretty awesome to see some traditions that were different to what I am used to photographing. My favourite of which was the Jewish dancing that took place after the drinks reception, it was absolutely crazy, in a good way :) with the bride and groom being spun around, lifted up on chairs, chucked into the air with sheets… All music supplied by Pure Orange who are one of the best bands I’ve ever seen at a wedding. They actually did the music during the ceremony and for the evening too, so much energy. The dinner and speeches all taking place while the random taxidermy watched them sets a comedy and quirky atmosphere and then onto the evening for dancing which is overlooked by a unicorn, I love this place. On with the photos!

Venue – Aynhoe Park
Brides dress – Caroline Castigliano
Brides shoes – Jimmy Choo
Band – Pure Orange (Pure showband)
(more to come)

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Aynhoe Park wedding photographs