My Favourites from 2016

It’s 2017, a new year, but for a moment let’s take time to reflect on 2016. A tough year for many reasons but also, for me, and for all of my couples this year I’m sure, a brilliant one! Alongside all the awesome couples I photographed this year it was also my turn to get married and finally know what it’s like to be on the other side. Coming up soon I will be blogging about many aspects of our wedding, from choosing the venue to the dress, so check back in if you’re interested.

The other big thing that happened in 2016 was I celebrated 10 years as a wedding photographer! I didn’t blog or even mention it on social media as it crept up on me, I can’t believe I’ve been photographing so many wonderful weddings for 10 whole years! It’s a pretty big milestone and I am immensely proud of the business I’ve built and so happy and grateful to still be able to live this creative life. A big massive thank you to every single person that chose me to photograph and document important days in their lives.

But right now we’re all about 2016 only, each year I like to do a round-up of some of my favourite photos and moments that I’ve shot the previous year at weddings. I love seeing all the lovely faces I’ve come to know so well over the year in one place together. I’ve decided this year to do a slideshow, so sit back, relax, hit fullscreen, hit play and enjoy.

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