Dewsall Court Wedding Photographs – Steph and Tim

For the wedding of Steph and Tim I will be bringing you two blog posts because I photographed two days of celebration :) On the Friday I went down to Dewsall Court in the afternoon to photograph Steph and Tim with their families and close friends preparing for the wedding reception the following day. I loved this, it’s was so fun to see what I normally only see as a finished product in the making of stage, everyone was mucking in and getting it done. After that they made their way down to the little church in the grounds of Dewsall Court for the rehearsal of their ceremony the following day. The vicar is so super lovely and laid back it made this very fun for all and again, I loved photographing this as it’s a part I don’t normally get to see and is obviously so much more relaxed than the ceremony.

After this everyone made their way up to the house to get ready for the evening as they were to have their actual legal ceremony that evening at Dewsall Court itself as you can not get legally married at the little Church. Everyone gathered together in the very small room for the ceremony, it was super intimate and the registrars were lovely which is always a bonus :) Tim’s Dad made a speech following this and then his Mum also had written a poem for them as a surprise, it was very special. A few drinks for celebration followed before they had an evening meal together and I left them to it until the following day. Come back tomorrow to see part two :)

Dewsall Court Wedding Photographs