Humanist Outside Wedding – Emma and Rick

Couple do a handfasting at their humanist outside wedding - they use very colourful personalised ribbons.

I’m so excited to bring to the blog today this Humanist outside wedding of Emma and Rick!! There are many reasons for my excitement, the fact that it is as outside as it’s possible to get in the UK, the COLOUR, the smiling faces you see pulling the knot above here <3 and also because it was a joint wedding with my husband MAD Ceremonies, the humanist celebrant you see clapping to the side of the photo.

“Thank you so much to such wonderful people, you made our day so extraordinarily special and you both will forever be a part of our memories! Huge love to you both”

The wedding took place at Rick’s parents home in Worcestershire. They had a tipi in the garden for their meal but otherwise the whole wedding took place outside. The ceremony was in the next field which they had spent a long time clearing with the help of friends and family. It was super personal ceremony with their love and lives at the centre, all written bespoke for them by Martin of MAD Ceremonies (my awesome husband). My favourite parts included their Dog of Honour wearing bags full of confetti, a ring warming with their beautiful Eco Wood Rings (where the rings are passed around the guests during the ceremony for everyone to see, touch and give wishes to), the super colourful handfasting, all the laughing and the sense of intimacy created in a group of people all experiencing the same life-affirming moment together crafted by Martin.

After the ceremony guests drank Mojitos and ate tasty sausages, then made their way back to the tipi for speeches. Emma, Rick and I snuck off for a few photos in the hard earned landscape there while the guests were seated. They returned for four speeches, which had a lot of talk of poo, just before they had their meal, haha!! The rest of the day was exactly what I feel a wedding should be, so laid back! Guests were free to play games and enjoy the good weather in the garden before they had an outside Ceilidh. I love a Ceilidh anyway, but having one outside is genius as the extra space makes it so much better!! They could all throw each other around with less fear of pain and it also meant they could do big dances that involved everyone which would normally be impossible. This lead to the amazing final photos of all of their guests running and jumping towards the couple in “worship” – it was hilarious. In the middle of all of that, when the sun was peaking out, we jumped into the next field for a few golden hour couple shots before the sun dipped away.

Enjoy my favourites!!

Letters spelling out the names Emma and Rick made of green plants
Tipi decorated for a wedding reception with lots of bunting and colourful scarfs.
Outside ceremony decoration ideas, haybales with flowers plus a fun sign to show the direction to walk.
Eco Wood Rings wedding rings, two for the bride and groom, held out in a hand, they are tied together with colourful plaited ribbon.
Guests walk along the edge of a field to get to the ceremony site for the outdoor wedding ceremony
Groom's grandfather rests his hand on the groom's shoulder as he gives him advice before the outside ceremony
A man plays guitar and sings for guests arriving at the outside wedding ceremony
Wedding guest sit on haybales waiting for a wedding ceremony to start, they are laughing.
Parents sit and laugh together before the wedding ceremony starts
Wedding dog arriving carrying the confetti in bags for the guests
Groom smiles as his bride arrives in the distance while his bestman laughs next to him.
Bride arrives and walks through the field to the ceremony with her dad and her two bridesmaids.
Dog stands still on his arrival to the wedding ceremony, unsure whether to continue
Groom welcomes his dog to the wedding ceremony - dogs at weddings are great!
Bride and groom are together for the first time during their ceremony at their outdoor ceremony
Dog has a backpack full of confetti stands watching his human parents getting married.
MAD ceremonies makes couple and everyone laugh during their humanist outside ceremony
Black and white photo of couple listening to their ceremony, bride puts her hand on the grooms leg as nice things are said about him.
View of the whole outside wedding ceremony conducted by MAD ceremonies
Guests laugh during humanist ceremony while sat on haybales at the outdoor wedding ceremony
Female guest places a kiss on the wedding rings to send a wish to the couple as part of a ring warming ceremony.
Close up of couple as they laugh during their outside wedding ceremony,
Couple laugh enthusiastically at what the celebrant MAD ceremonies is saying during their humanist wedding ceremony
brides parents laugh during the wedding ceremony
Guests laugh during wedding ceremony outside
Couple read vows during their outdoor wedding ceremony, hills in the distance and grey skies overhead.
Close up of couple reading their vows together during their outside wedding, surrounded by trees and greenery.
Bride and groom laugh at a joke made by the celebrant, MAD ceremonies, while bestman stands to the side with rings laughing.
Bride puts ring on grooms hand during their humanist outside ceremony performed by MAD ceremonies
Bridesmaid ties ribbon around the arms of bride and groom during handfasting.
Bridesmaids joins in with handfasting while their dog sits at their feet wanting in on the action, wedding party watch.
Bride, groom and celebrant laugh at inside joke during a handfasting at their ceremony
Couple tie the knot after their handfasting during their humanist ceremony, the ribbons are rainbow coloured and the couple are ecstatic,
So much confetti is thrown at the couple that you can barely see them.
Couple walk back up the aisle laughing as a lot of confetti is thrown at them after their outside humanist wedding
Dog rolls around in the hay bales after the humanist outside wedding ceremony is over,
Couple kiss in the wild flowers with their tipis and tents in the background during their humanist outside wedding
Couple walk hand in hand smiling at each other after their ceremony, bride is wearing a dress with flowers on while holding a wild bouquet of flowers
Bride and groom kiss in wild flowers, the bride brings her hand up to the grooms head to hug him as they go to kiss.
Couple smile at each other in front of blossom with green in the foreground
Black and white photo of wedding couple walking through a wild field of flowers
Couple kiss with hills in the background while their dog goes to the toilet right next to them
Wedding tipi full of guests from a distance framed by trees with decorations hanging in them
Outside wedding decorations and dogs at weddings
Wedding tipi decorations, wild flowers, colourful ribbons and fun cake deocrations
Groom is standing to give his speech, bride and her dad is laughing
Guests laugh at wedding speech inside wedding tipi
Father of the brides speech, bride is laughing
Bestman laughing during his speech about the groom, fairy lights in the foreground
Couple and brides dad laugh at bestmans speech
Guests laugh hard at bestmans speech in the tipi
bridesmaid laughs with her hands to her face in disbelief during the bestmans speeches
Focus is on floral bunting and blurred out in the background is bride helping herself to the wedding food, sets the scene for the laid back meal they are having.
Outside bar decorations for outside wedding, hanging bottles, a sofa and colourful ribbon
Man is playing football with kids during a wedding reception, all are laughing.
Couple play frisbee during wedding reception, games at weddings
Kid and his dad play a game during the outside wedding reception, he tosses a ball that has to be caught in a can.
Guests play a game at wedding reception, lady is taking her aim very seriously
Four people play frisbee outside at wedding reception
two kids wait for balls to be thrown towards them during a game at the wedding
Group of guests watch a man play a game at the wedding
Guests in background in focus throwing things to the kids in the foreground which are out of focus.
The dog of honour runs around at the wedding having fun wearing a bandana that reads dog of honour.
Bride poses for selfie with her grandma using selfie stick.
Guests cheer on man who is very happy with his throw during game at wedding
Couple start their first dance as part of a ceilidh outside at their wedding reception
Couple bring in wedding party during their outside first dance
Guests join in with the outside ceilidh at wedding
Groomsman at wedding dances as part of the outside ceilidh
Bride joins in with guests during outside ceilidh
All guests at wedding joins hands in a circle during outside ceilidh
Guests hold hands and run inwards towards the camera laughing during outside ceilidh
Guests laugh as they run towards camera during dancing
Enthusiastic guest jumps in the air to clap during ceilidh while wedding couple laugh in the background
Dog runs around wedding with a frisbee looking for a playmate
Guest greets partner during their dance together in a ceilidh
Guest smiles at her partner surrounded by other pairs as part of the ceilidh
Guest points in the air during outside dancing
Guests dancing outside with tipi in the background and the sun starting to set
Wedding couple wander down pretty countryside lane holding hands
Couple kiss in beautiful yellow field of flowers while the sun gets low in the sky behind them given a lens flare
Black and white photo of couple embracing in a field of flowers in the evening of their humanist outside wedding
Couple surrounded by a field of yellow flowers, the sky is dramatic with lots of clouds and some golden light as the sun gets low
Couple laugh in a field of flowers
Couple walk back to their guests arm in arm surrounded by cow parsley after their humanist outside wedding
Guest all stick their arms in the air as part of a ceilidh dance
Guests start a Mexican wave while waiting for a ceilidh dance to start outside, tipi is behind them
guests clap to couple as part of the wedding dance during a ceilidh
while guests dance and wedding couple laugh we can see the red moon rising in the background
Guests get lively during dancing at humanist outside wedding
Couple laugh as guests jumps at them during outside dancing
guests messing around during dance at outside wedding reception
Guest stands infront of other guests during dance to show enthusiasm
All guests worship couple as part of the ceilidh wedding dance
Couple laugh as all their guests try to touch them during ceilidh dance during their humanist outside wedding
Tipi all lit up at night as seen through trees with candles hung in them, tipi at humanist outside wedding

I hope you enjoyed their Humanist outside wedding – to see more photos by me check out my portfolio here or see more weddings on the blog here. Also, to see and learn more about my awesome Humanist Wedding Celebrant husband you can visit his site

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  • Katy HomanMay 11, 2020 - 6:17 pm

    Love this! What a colourful and vibrant day – filled with so much joy and fun! You have captured their special moments beautifully!ReplyCancel

    • Caroline013May 22, 2020 - 2:52 am

      Thank you Katy! It really was, thank you :)ReplyCancel

  • Joab Smith photographyMay 11, 2020 - 8:43 pm

    Joyful photos on a cloudy day! Love the colours and so glad you got that little bit of sunset. Beautiful workReplyCancel

    • Caroline013May 22, 2020 - 2:51 am

      Thanks so much Joab! I think they really deserved that sunshine for embracing the cloudier part with some rain danger :D always worth it!ReplyCancel

  • KatieMay 12, 2020 - 5:58 pm

    Awwww I love how you captured such genuine and beautiful emotions of the day! SO GOOD!ReplyCancel

    • Caroline013May 22, 2020 - 2:49 am

      Thanks Katie, that’s always the aim :) it was so much fun to shoot!ReplyCancel

  • TraciMay 13, 2020 - 5:41 pm

    This looks like such a fun wedding, I love it!ReplyCancel

    • Caroline013May 22, 2020 - 2:49 am

      It really was! Thanks so much TraciReplyCancel

  • Kate HampsonMay 13, 2020 - 7:58 pm

    Oh Caroline! I love every thing about this. It makes he homesick. I LOVE the massive confetti shot, and I just ADORE how you have a pooping dog of honor in one of their bridals.They will love that. Bravo! Such an amazing collection of imagesReplyCancel

    • Caroline013May 22, 2020 - 2:48 am

      Thanks so much Kate :) the doggo was the best part for sure!! :DReplyCancel

  • KristenMay 13, 2020 - 10:14 pm

    The color is amazing! It’s such a weird cliche but somehow it’s stuck that the UK is this gray, dreary place, but these are lovely and so full of life!ReplyCancel

    • Caroline013May 22, 2020 - 2:47 am

      Haha, thanks Kristen. The sun does shine here sometimes thankfully :DReplyCancel