London Engagement Shoot by Bristol Wedding Photographer – Beth and James

Beth and James are getting married next year closer to me at Priston Mill but wanted to do their engagement shoot in London as this is where they live and also where they met so it’s special to them. It was a scorcher of a day and I had such a lovely afternoon with them wandering around parts of London that I’d never been, getting to know them both and now I can’t wait to photograph their wedding! We started at South Bank, we walked down the side of the river and then… well I’m not exactly sure of all the places we went :) but I know it included Hyde Park and Kings Cross Station as it was in this station that they met. One of my favourite parts was near the very beginning where we came across a book shop/stall and we played an impromptu game where I told them to pick out a book that made them think of the other without them seeing, and then revealing it. They’re a fun pair so had no problem getting into it and weren’t at all phased by the sheer amount of people passing us all the time, although I guess that’s the beauty of shooting in London, people are used to everything and just pass on by. Anyway, here are some of my favourites from the shoot :)

London Engagement Shoot by Bristol Wedding Photographer